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All that I want (BG)
All that I sang - exercises in love of
The one, at whom behind his back
Always was a home.
But today I'm alone
At the holiday table;
I wish happiness
To every door
That is slammed behind me.
I never wanted to want you
But now to me it's light,
As if I knew where I'm going.
And today my room – cage,
In which is no you...
You know, what I mean.
All that I want;
All that I want,
It's you.
I sang about what knew.
I something knew;
But, Lord, I don't remember, what kind I was then.
I was saying I love, till to me they won't say not;
And when to me they were saying not,
I didn't believe and waited that they'll say yes,
And after waking up today, me it was so strange to know
That we're lying, separated, as friends;
But I don't tolerate the word friends,
I don't tolerate the word love,
I don't tolerate the word always,
I don't tolerate words.
I don't need words to tell you that you –
It's all that I want...

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